“Close Child Market Togo”

In this documentary we follow kids in need. Kids with a tough background of trafficking and abuse. These kids become the stars of the film. We don’t want to follow and cover their lives and just leave them after shooting. In the name of our contributors we help them to built up a descent life.

For each individual starring kid we will look for the best customized help. You can think of safe accommodation, feedings and scholarships.

Project: “Close Child Market Togo” puts the hidden Child Market of Togo in the spotlight. Young children are victim of trafficking and abused for sex and hard labour. Often these kids are orphans and picked up from the street. In other cases children are kidnapped or bought from poor families in remote areas.

Families are falsely promised by traffickers that they will take good care of their kids and that they will have a great future in the city.

Wouldn’t it be great to bring these kids from street to school!

With our documentary “Close Child Market Togo” we are producing a film for international coverage. The film will be shot in Togo, Ghana and Benin with our professional film crew. Why Ghana and Benin?

Child Trafficking has an international character. Young West-Africans often have to make a long trip with their traffickers before they reach their terrifying destination.

What kind of destinations? Common destinations are:

  • (cocoa) Plantations
  • Sex industry
  • All kind of hard labour
  • Street vendor

Documentary “Close Child Market Togo” gives an inside view of the network of child traffickers. The documentary shows Child Trafficking in Togo and surrounding countries.

In our documentary, victims/former victims of child trafficking will be followed in their daily life. Also we will reveal how the Child Market is organized.

Since our project is all about raising awareness of child trafficking we will be happy to keep you updated about our project. Every contributor will be updated with the progress of the documentary by:

  • Video & photo updates (with fresh material from the documentary)
  • Indiegogo updates
  • Facebook updates

If you want to know more detailed information about child trafficking in Togo, you can check Human Right Reports of international organisation. The first two reports has been made by the government of the United States.

  1. U.S. Department of State: 2012 Human Right Report: Togo
  2. United States Department of Labour: Child Labour Togo
  3. United Nations Assiciation: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Togo
  4. VVN:  Child Trafficking

Our goal is to raise a budget of 50,000 US dollar. This budget will give us the opportunity to shoot a high quality documentary with professionals. The success of a film is very much related to marketing. Therefor promotion is an important arrow of our project.

We appreciate every single dollar donated and consider it as your money. You want your dollar spend best possible. This is our responsibility! We will present a financial report after the film is produced and promoted. You will have a clear view how we used our budget.

Budgetary Costs 

  • Expenses 6 person film crew 3 weeks    10,000 usd
  • Accommodation 6 person film crew 3 weeks     3,000 usd
  • Feedings film crew 3 weeks     1,500 usd
  • Visa film crew 6 person (Togo, Ghana, Benin)   500 usd
  • Aid for Children starring the documentary (accommodation, feedings, payment school)     10,000 usd
  • Editing     4,000 usd
  • Sound studio (sounds recording & sound editing)     2000 usd
  • Exhibit 5 int. film festivals     5000 usd
  • Promotion TV stations, film festivals, news papers, magazines, and other media     5000 usd
  • Coverage expenses (travel, accommodation, feedings) voluntary ambassadors for 6 months     4,000 usd
  • Production and delivery Perks     3,000 usd
  • Reserves unforeseen costs    2,000 usd

What will happen with funds above our goal budget of 50,000 usd? In case we raise more then essential, all funds will be used to help kids in need who we meet during filming in Togo. Your money will be used for safe accommodation and excellent education. We will report this to you by photo and video updates!

When does all this happen? The Indiegogo Campaign will be closed at 17th of February 2014 at 12:00 PM. The documentary is scheduled to be fully produced before 17th of August 2014. After this date Documentary “Close Child Market Togo” will be launched.

How much of the money raised will be invested in the film and aid for starring kids? 100%, minus the cost of production and shipping of perks, Indiegogo fees which is 5% when achieving our goal budget or 9% if not reaching our goal budget of 50,000 usd. All of the time spent by the producer and other volunteers is donated, guaranteeing that the maximum amount possible goes to the film and kids in Togo.

How do we decide which starring kids will receive aid? We believe that every kid who is in need and victim of child trafficking deserves our aid. Unfortunately we can’t help all. As filming crew we will have meetings about which kids needs our help the most. Also we take the effectiveness of given aid in consideration.

How do I get my digital perk? When will I get my physical perk? Digital Perks will be send by email (photos & videos) or by MegaUpload (Full Digital Documentary) to you. Tickets & VIP Tickets will be send by email. Physical perks (DVD’s etc.) will be delivered by post. All perks will be send AFTER the campaign is complete and the film is produced on the 17th of August 2014.

If you need any support, please contact us by email: PCCMT@interscout.nl 

Our focus is on a high quality HD film and optimal promotion. We will promote the documentary at:

  • TV stations
  • Radio stations
  • Film festivals
  • Political parties
  • Aid organizations
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • News papers
  • Magazines

The impact has a worldwide character. Everybody will know about the existence of a Child Market in Togo.Iinitiatives, aid projects and actions will be the follow-up from us and others with the goal to “CLOSE CHILD MARKET TOGO”!

Sister Fabienne Faith Koudjowou

If you feel you want to support us or want to be part of our team in another way, you’re  more then welcome to contact us at: ccmt@interscout.nl or complete the mailform under.

Thanks so much for your support and attention!